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Service & Maintenance Program

People sometimes believe that they do not need to maintain their roof if it is under warranty. This is simply not the case.  If you consider the vehicle you drive, when you have a 5-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty, you still change the oil, replace your tires, inspect the engine or buy new wipers. A roof is the same. You still have to clean your drains, repair third-party damage, inspect flashings, etc. to ensure the integrity of the roof over time.  Additionally, many manufacturer roof warranties state regular roof maintenance is required in order for the warranty to remain in effect. 


Our Service Agreements Include:

  • Broom clean roof surface, gutters, drain baskets, scuppers, and other drainage systems of debris.  Cleaning will be completed on and around roof surface only (cleaning of internal plumbing will be quoted if needed).

  • Complete a visual inspection checking for any standing water, surface contaminants, vandalism, or other issues known to degrade roofing systems.

  • All flashings, counter-flashings, coping caps, and other sheet metal accessories will be inspected.  Any open flashing will be sealed.

  • Repair warranted roof damage.  Your warranty coverage starts with knowing work is needed and seeking approval from the manufacturer. Having CRS Service, LLC manage your roofing system ensures prompt repairs as issues arise and we handle all of the paperwork with the manufacturer.

  • Repair non-warranted roof damage including punctures, splits, bird and contractor damages, and any other abnormalities that fall below manufacturer recommendations.  

  • CRS Service will inspect for any loose roof areas (blisters).  If CRS Service, LLC determines that a blister has a strong possibility of leaking within a 12-month period, the blister will be repaired. 

  • All repairs listed above not to exceed 1% of the total area. (Additional repairs beyond 1% of the roof area will be quoted if needed).


Each Inspection Will Also Include:

  • A brief inspection report including a condition summary & photos

  • A written estimate for any repair work needed that is not covered by this agreement.  Example: Roof damage over 1% of the total area of the roof.

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