Moss Removal

Moss Removal

Often times homeowners will think, "What's a little bit of moss? After all, we live in the Northwest."

In this picture, you can clearly see the line from water being trapped and diverted by that "little bit of moss". What you cannot see is the area below where the water rotted the substrate and the wood had to be replaced before a new roof could be installed.

Simple cleaning and maintenance could have prevented the damages incurred.

Moss Treatment

Once the moss is removed, the best line of defense is regular moss treatments. We can add moss treatment to any other service provided, or simply do it as a stand-alone service. We often are asked when the best time for treatment is. Timing is everything. You want to apply a moss treatment after the heavy rains have subsided so the treatment is not immensely rinsed off. However, you want to be sure there is still enough moisture to dissolve the treatment and let it wash down your shingle, not blow off in the dry wind. This is when calling us to be sure you get the most out of your treatment is helpful. 

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